Editorial Calendar

July-August 2016 – Family Dinner
Stories about relationships in a family, connections between kids and parents, meaningful experiences involving families; how can parents connect with children amidst of constant competing priorities; how to find time for important discussions

September 2016 – Learning is Everywhere
Learning happens everywhere and at any time. Often, it happens in places that we don’t associate with learning. We learn when we go on vacations with families, play sports, attend camps, or visit libraries and museums. What does it mean to learn? What are your memorable learning experiences? What important lessons did you take from them?

October 2016 – I Play = I Learn
When we were little, we had the freedom to play. Through play, we learned many useful practical, social, and emotional skills. Learning through play is always a joyful discovery. What does play mean to you now? How do you play? What and how does it teach you? How can free play or free choice be added to your classroom learning?

November 2016 – Lessons from History
It is often said that history is a great teacher. Why is it so? What lessons can history teach us about our world and ourselves? How can our own individual history (our individual past) teach us? Is there an event, person, or time in World or American history that taught you something valuable? Why is this important today?

December 2016 – I am a Citizen of the World
What does it mean to you to be a citizen of the World? What does it mean to live and interact across many countries, time zones, and technologies? What knowledge and understanding are necessary for you to be a responsible citizen in our increasingly interconnected world? What school or life experiences helped you become aware of global problems and understand people from other countries and their views that might be different from yours? Is there a person whom you consider a global citizen? Why so? Do you have a perspective on a world event that you would like to share?

January 2017 – My Element
Is doing something makes your eyes spark and heartbeat faster? Is there something that you can do forever and hardly notice the time? This is your element, or your passion. How did you discover it? How does it help you in life? What lessons do you learn form it? What can you tell your readers about it?

February 2017 – Making a Ripple
By making a choice to be helpful, kind, or just smile to someone who is upset, you can start a ripple of positive energy and actions. How can what you think, say, and do make a difference in someone else’s life? How do your actions affect other people? What can we do today to make the world a better place? What did you do to make a ripple? What ripples can be made in schools to make them better places for learning? Are there any people whom you consider ripple makers? Why?

March 2017 – Simply Different
Why do we need differences? What does it mean to be different? Does being different mean being a bad person? Do you know of someone who is not like other people around you? How do you think of people who cannot sit still in school, take too long to complete a task, or just always seem out of step? Do you know of someone who is different? What makes him or her a special person?

April 2017 – Number Talk
When we learn to count on our fingers, we see our math. Do you see math around you? What helps you see when you learn math? What pictures do you create in your mind? What makes math interesting and relevant to real life? How can we learn from numbers? If there were no math or numbers, how would our world look like? Share with us stories about numbers.

May 2017 – Stories that Matter
As human beings, we are wired to like stories. Since the beginning of times, stories have been the way for human beings to pass their knowledge to next generations. Is there a person or place that adds special meaning to your life or lives of other people? Why does this person or place matter? What is your own story? What can we learn from telling and listening to stories? How can stories be used in schools? You can tell any story, just make sure to explain why it is important.

Summer 2017 – Family Magic
Our families are important to us. Tell us about relationships in your family, connections between kids and parents, and meaningful experiences that you had with your family. What makes spending time with your family important to you? What do you learn from your family members? How do you learn together as a family?