Editorial Calendar

September 2017 – Best of Kids’ Standard 2016-2017

October 2017 – Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics – what role do they play in our world? How do they help human beings progress? How do they affect you, your everyday living and learning? Research scientific inventions and lives of famous artists and scientists. Write about your own creativity, experiments, and explorations. Make predictions about future developments and innovations. Be creative – dare to dream!

November 2017 – Where I Belong…
What does it mean to belong somewhere? Every person has a place that makes him or her feel whole. It could be a place where we live, such as our home, or a place that makes us feel special like no other. It can be a park, town, state, or country that is part of our heritage and upbringing. Or it can be our entire planet. What about this place makes you feel special? How does it make you who you are? Why is it important for people to know where they belong? What is your responsibility to this place and its people? What do you do to help it and others in it flourish?

December 2017 – Around The World: Lands, Cultures, Traditions
We live in a big world, but how much do we really know about it? Why is it important to know and understand our planet and all of the variations that exist on it? How does knowledge of geography and other cultures help us understand ourselves and others? Research oceans, lands, animals, people, and cultures. Offer your perspective on the connections that exist in our world. Share your travel experiences to other countries and lessons you learned while being abroad. Write about explorers, geographers, and politicians and their impact on the world.

January 2018 – Growth Factor
What are the factors that allow each person grow into the best version of him/herself? What do we need to do to develop our minds, nurture our hearts, and achieve the best life for ourselves? Describe experiences that pushed you to become a better person and discover something important about yourself or others. Research and offer perspectives of psychologists and educators on the process of personal growth. Reflect on what you believe to be the most important growth factor that people need to remember to incorporate in their lives.

February 2018 – Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Some of the most exciting fields are robotics, automotive (self-driving cars), and medical (fast and accurate diagnostics). What benefits and drawbacks does it have? Will this reduce the human work or make human work different? What will humans do once all jobs are gone to AI? What kind of rights AI/robots should have in our Constitution? What new technological development would you like to see? Tell stories about our live in the future. Share your point of view of what artificial intelligence means to humankind.

March 2018 – Readers’ Circle
We know that it is important to learn how to read and to read a lot. But great reading is more than just sounding out letters and words. It involves thinking. How do reading and thinking connect? How does reading help us in everyday life? What and how can we learn when we read? Write stories about your own important reading experiences, alone and with others. Share lessons that you have learned from books. Write a book review. Research authors. Anything and everything related to reading and books is welcome.

April 2018 – Everyday Heroes
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a hero is a person who is admired for his or her brave acts and other fine qualities. There is a hero inside each of us. We may not realize it, but someone, somewhere, does. Share a story about your personal hero or about a well-known hero. Offer a perspective on what qualities make someone a hero. Research events in our history that are recognized as heroic events and share your take on them.

May 2018 – The Sound of Music
What is music? Why does it have such a great effect on human beings? There are work songs to make tedious tasks more bearable. There are marches and fight songs to prepare for battle. There are lullabies to ease us to sleep. How does music influence us? What role does music play in your life? Write about your personal experiences with music, whether it is singing, playing an instrument, composing, or just listening. Research music genres and musicians. Compose a song. Review songs or any other piece of music.

Summer 2018 (digital only) – The Break!
Most people love breaks, whether it is a break from school, work, or activities. Why is it important to have a break? What do you like about a summer break? Do you think you can learn during summer while having a break? Share your advice and experiences. Offer recommendations on activities that families can do in summer.