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Summer Camp

Kids’ Standard’s Camp “Writing through learning & Learn through Writing”
(Clarkston, Lake Orion, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, and Pontiac)

Duration: 5 days
Time: 9am-3:30 pm
Cost: $225 ($45/day)
Age: students entering 3 -8 grades
Limit - 20

To find and tell your own story takes much more than just sitting behind a computer. It takes slowing down, thinking, noticing, questioning, and exploring. We will get up and go!

This five-day camp will provide participants with an opportunity embark on a first-hand investigation of their hometown. During the first two days, children will do preliminary research and, guided by thinking maps, explore the downtown, record observations, conduct interviews, and collect information for their stories. Days 3-4 will be dedicated to collaboration and writing. On Friday, all families will be invited to attend the last hour of the camp to walk through a gallery of stories and find our more about each story by talking to the writers.All stories will be presented to places featured in these stories and published in Kids’ Standard’s Camp electronic issue, shared with families and participants. The best stories will appear in Kids’ Standard’s September issue.

Young journalists will need to bring their own lunch and snack. Bottled water, a notebook, pen, and small backpack will be provided.

Please note that this camp will involve a walking trip downtown. Students will be divided in groups of four and have a high school mentor assigned to each group.

For more information contact Maggie@kidsstandard.org or call 248-410-3976

Registration and Payment

Summer Camp
Summer Camp - $225


Kids Standard Publication offers after school writing clubs in some elementary schools in your school district. Writing clubs are organized by our publications and run by a group of High School students who have undergone Kids Standard's training on how to assist elementary and middle school students with conducting research and writing. Student-mentors guide younger writers through the writing process and help them create a piece for publication. Children enjoy researching, learning, writing about the subject of their interest, and getting their work published in the magazine.

Day Camp

Pen Pals Camps are offered on District Developmental Days (Half Days / Full Days) at the High school buildings

Half Day: Camp starts at 12pm and ends at 4pm (4 hours) - $25

Full Day: Camp starts at 8:30am and ends at 3:30pm (7 hours) - $40

Students attending camps must be registered in advance no later than 72 hours (3 days) prior to a scheduled camp. Location will depend on the amount of students registered at a particular school. Space is limited. Please register early.

All students need to bring their own lunches. Snacks will be provided.

If space allows, we can accept UNSCHEDULED students at the following rates:

Half Day Camp: $35 per child Full Day Camp: $50 per child

Pen Pals

Welcome to Pen Pals (Kids Standard's writing club)!

To attend the program, students must be registered for Pen Pals Fall 2016 and/or Pen Pals Winter 2017 by September 30, 2016. (To receive a $20 registration waiver, regsiter by Septermber 30, 2016)

2016-2017 Pen Pal Club
Rates and Options

Anual Program Registration Fee $20 - Waived if Registered by September 30, 2016

Session 1 - Pen Pals Fall 2016 (10 Weeks) - $60

Session 1-A - Pen Pals Fall 2016 (7 Weeks) - $40

Session 1-B - Pen Pals Session 1-B - $50

Session 2 - Pen Pals Winter 2017 (10 Weeks) - $60 (excludes a week of Spring Break)

Session 3 - Pen Pals 2016-2017 - includes both Session 1 and Session 2 (20 Weeks) - $100

Registration and Payment

Day Camp
Half Day Camp $25 per child
Full Day Camp $40 per child

Pen Pal
Pen Pal - Session 1 - $60
Pen Pal - Session 1-A - $40
Pen Pal - Session 1-B - $50
Pen Pal - Session 2 - $60
Pen Pal - Session 3 - $100