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Mission of Kids Standard: To empower children to become independent learners through reading and writing!

Over two and a half years, Kids’ Standard magazine, which publishes work of local children, parents, and educators, has featured work of over 400 students and educators in Oakland County. In 2017, we awarded over 200 students with a Published Writer certificate at our end-of-the-year celebration. Three Clarkston teachers received Kids’ Standard Partnership Award for utilizing our publication as a writing platform for their students.

Our magazine serves a number of purposes. First and foremost, it promotes literacy by encouraging in-depth reading and writing. Students enjoy the opportunity to take the magazine home, read articles written by their peers, and re-think important educational concepts, human values, and well-being. Many of them feel compelled to write about their own ideas and point of view. As writing to real audience is an authentic experience, students tend to take their work seriously and invest time and effort in their work. This, in turn, effectively develops literacy skills.

Secondly, when students see their work in print and share their talents and interests with other students in Oakland County, their self-confidence and self-esteem also increase. To have their work published in a magazine is a huge accomplishment to many students.

We exercise 21st century skills such as Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and critical thinking during Penpal session.

Finally, as children offer their own point of view on current events and other issues, they dip into their creativity and critical thinking skills. They also learn to research and evaluate evidence. We have created an after-school program, Pen Pal Club, to work with the students on these goals.

We believe that it is important for every student to have a copy of the magazine to take home to share with their family, which would also encourage children to participate in our program.

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Pen Pals

Welcome to Pen Pals (Kids Standard's writing club)!

All Pen Pal sessions is for one hour after school one day per week.

All the students who attend Pen Pal Club will receive a notebook, Pen, Snack, and copy of Kids Standard's magazine.
We assure every students get published and receive a certificate at the end of the year.

To sign up for Pen Pal Club:
One Session: 12 weeks $225.00;
Two Sessions: 25 weeks $400.00

Registration and Payment

One session - $225
Two sessions - $400


Kids Standard Publication offers after school writing clubs in some elementary schools in your school district. Writing clubs are organized by our publications and run by a group of High School students who have undergone Kids Standard's training on how to assist elementary and middle school students with conducting research and writing. Student-mentors guide younger writers through the writing process and help them create a piece for publication. Children enjoy researching, learning, writing about the subject of their interest, and getting their work published in the magazine.