Kids' Standard Development Program

Kids’ Standard has many PROGRAMS that aim to help students and families year-round with Literacy, learning and succeeding in their school using 21st century skills to prepare them for tomorrow. Currently, these programs operates in many School districts as we constantly looking to expand to more areas to empower youth and their families.

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Pathways to Success

  • Coaching & Mentoring High School Students
  • Pathway to college: How to choose college/degrees, funding, College application, College essay & ACT/SAT
  • Pathway to workforce: Resume, job, application, interviews, Internship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Pathway to entrepreneurship: Mindset, entrepreneurship

Literacy- Multimedia Expression & Publishing

  • Writing program K-12
  • Story telling Media: 9-12

Michigan Youth Project

  • Past - Present - Future K 6-8


  • Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Exams


Personal and Professional Growth

Parents, Teachers, Professionals and High School Students

  • Life Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Wellness


  • VR & AR

Summer Camp

  • Writing

One day at After School Writing and Multimedia Expression Club

A Day at after school Writing Program: